Gustav is amazing. He is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever owned.

I brought Gustav home one weekend to see how well he would mix with my three children and our two shelties. I knew right away he would be a perfect fit. We adopted him and he quickly became family.

I love when people stop to admire him. He is so big and beautiful that most folks seemed surprised at how affectionate he is. I get asked about his personality a lot, so here’s a little insight to that:

Gustav loves car rides and we take him everywhere – inside gymnasiums to watch the kids’ basketball games, soccer games, shopping in Home Depot, running on the trail…even to the office. You name it, he’s there. His favorite activity is going with me on long mountain runs, where I get to run my own pace without having to yank on a leash. I let Gustav do his own thing and explore, and just when I reach out of sight, I call his nickname (Bear) and he sprints to catch up. Sometimes I’ll hide and he has to look for me, which is not really a challenge — he is very intelligent and very quick. When he finds me we hug and act silly; even at 5 he’s still very much a puppy at heart. But it awesome to watch him run: it’s an effortless glide, yet is so incredibly fast (I’d hate to be the bad guy running from him!) Gustav has a permanent smile when he’s running.

Gustav is also a big leaner. I can be standing in one spot, for only a minute, and he’ll come sit on my feet and lean against my legs. Or if I’m on the couch, he’ll pretend he’s the perfect little lapdog and lean against my chest (he doesn’t actually fit on my lap, but don’t tell him that).

Gustav is great with the kids and our other dogs. They all love to play on the big field behind our house, throw the ball, play chase and just act the normal goofy way that kids and dogs do.  When it was snowing, the kids put him on their laps to sled down the hill. I couldn’t make out the tiny bodies of the kids – all I saw was Gustav – but they’ve had a blast together.

I also get asked if he’s a great guard dog. I’m sure he is, but fortunately we haven’t been in a situation where I have had that tested. Just the sight of him puts some folks on guard. He is one of the bigger breeds – all head and shoulders. His coloring is absolutely beautiful. I love driving with him because people always do a double take when we’re stopped at the light.

Gustav has made our family life so fun, I can’t imagine it without him. If you are considering one of these dogs for your family, you are definitely making the right choice!


Hi Alex,

We hope you are well and the fires all missed you. Ioana is 1 yrs. old today so thought to send you an update on her.
She is well and full of energy. I’m trying to send you a couple of pictures. I hope it works.  she is very beautiful – everyone says so. We love her very much. One of the pictures shows her bringing my cane to me. She just loves bringing me things or picking things up and handing them to me. She puts them right up in my lap. The last few months I have had a bulging disc and nerve damage, but am looking forward to getting back to training soon. Ioana has helped me a lot.


Hi Alex!
We are doing good.  After returning from Colorado, we regrouped and then went to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to the big airshow.  She did great. — Coming back from CO I came south thru Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces and El Paso.  I had some business to take care of in Las Cruces.  While making a fuel stop at a Flying J truck stop on the east side of El Paso I got her out of the truck to pee/poop on their nice grass.  There was a scruffy looking guy walking by about 75 feet away and she set up on him. Didn’t bark, didn’t growl, just moved in front of me with her ears up, the hair between her shoulders and back a third of the way on her back was standing up and she was giving him the hard eye.  After he moved on she looked up at me as if to say “It’s OK I took care of him.”   Sasha and my Granddaughter play together as if they puppies from the same litter, running, jumping and crashing into one another, then there are hugs and kisses galore.  Every body comments on how pretty she is.  We are still training, some things like going into the mall or into a restaurant or hotel are pretty new and a little intimidating but she is adjusting and learning.  We are both learning.  She would not go into the swimming pool at first but now she flops down on the first step, splashes and bites the water that splashes up, sometimes she even puts her face down in the water.  She is a real love bug and loves to be hugged and petted.

USAF Special Ops Combat Fighter Pilot

She has literally given me back my life.

I’m no longer afraid of the man who was stalking me, and being able to go about my day without looking over my shoulder makes me feel like a human again. Over this last 8 months I have had a need for each of her skills and she has passed with flying colors each time. The children love her tracking skills. We keep them honed by playing “hide and seek” (The children hide and Sophie never gets tired of tracking them down). She’s proven herself in protection and tracking, plus she makes an excellent lifeguard when we go to the lake. I laughed until I cried because each time the children would swim out and start fussing around in the water she would drag them back to shore. She patrolled around us the whole time we were swimming, our ever-vigilant guardian…and she was never distracted from her duty.

She is always at my side. We went to a family reunion over the summer and amidst almost two hundred people she was so well behaved off-leash that everyone who passed us complimented me. She is so quiet and self-confident that I sometimes forget she is even there. When we encounter a stranger, she just calmly stands between us and makes her presence known. When one of us is upset or stressed, she is right there to comfort us.

When we moved out of the city and into the country, Sophie made the adjustment well. So far I have not found a situation in which she loses her cool. She is AMAZING! Thank you again. Thank you so much!

Toni , Arkansas

I work overseas and have lived and worked in hazardous areas for 22 years. My wife is my link with sanity and a “normal” life. I have found that security is directly related to prior preparation. When I determined that I wanted a guard dog to protect the irreplaceable person in my life I researched for 6 months on breeds, breeders, and services. My wife is a very peaceful small framed woman that has never dealt with a working dog. We needed an animal that would get along with our two other small dogs, and protect Mirtha without being overly aggressive. I choose to go with a one year old dog so he would bond with my wife rather than a fully trained two year old. Ares was the perfect match for us. He is very protective of my wife when I am not there, you can see in his posture and attitude that he lives for her. He has never been aggressive to our other dogs and as long as the proper protocol is observed he is calm around guests. No one can come in the house without a proper greeting to Ares. Several of my friends have gone by the house to check on Mirtha and when greeted by Ares they will not enter until my wife comes out and puts him through a greeting ritual. We are talking about 275lb biker’s soldiers and PSD guys here.

He is a 24 hour around the clock bodyguard, family member, and companion.

Ares is an amazing animal and has become part of the family. He still retains his working dog mentality and loves to run and go for long walks. The cost was very proportional to the product on what we received. I go through missions everyday having the peace of mind that my loved ones security is professionally handled while I am not there. I entrusted Alex with my family’s safety and he has not let me down.

I would purchase another animal from him when we are in the market again.

Michael C.

Gunner Afghanistan (USMC)

Dear Alex,

I have been self-employed as a Veterinarian with 2 DVM’s working for me for over 30 years. Three years ago the Governor of Texas appointed me to the Texas State Board of Veterinarian Medical Examiners. This appointment is based among many factors, one being my integrity. Recently, I was nominated Vice-President by the other board members. Alex, I would like to personally thank you. Tomy is everything you said and more than what we asked for. He tries to “think”… anticipate what we are wanting from him. (a real people pleaser). He does not know the word quit. When we are exercising or playing, he never wants to stop….

Tomy is all heart. This has to relate to genetics, DNA, etc…. not the inbred neurotic messes, so many American Shepherds have become.

A very important consideration in choosing a dog is being aware of the dog’s family history… the breeding. Especially important when buying a dog is knowing who the seller is. In my field of veterinarian medicine, I have met many horse, cow, sheep, and dog breeders who are not honest. We can’t always depend on appearances. If any of your potential clients would like to call me regarding CQBK/9, your handling of the dogs, their health, or whatever, please feel free to give them my number. Alex, I have tried to talk you into charging more for what you have to offer. Your product is “Top Shelf” and can’t be outdone! With Tomy at our side we feel very safe at home and on our many trips.

My wife, Kathy also would like to thank you…

Being a veterinarian’s wife and working at our animal hospital for over 27 years I have been exposed to many GSDs. I started surfing the internet looking for a protection dog about 7 months ago. I stumbled upon your website and was so impressed I decided to investigate. You were so professional, answered all of my many questions (over several days), and erased my fears of owning a CQBK/9 protection dog. We purchased Tomy August 2007. He is gorgeous and truly the love of our life. I never thought I could trust and love a dog as much as Tomy. Since the Governor of Texas appointed my husband to the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners we have traveled extensively. Tomy is with us on every trip. We wouldn’t think of traveling without him. Tomy is a very calm and patient dog around our very spoiled 3lb Yorkie, “Possum”. We live on 10 acres in Lubbock, Texas and have a menagerie of farm pets…ducks, chickens, peacocks, cats, etc. Tomy has zero prey drive when it comes to animals; he does not stalk or chase them. At our home in Colorado every AM we feed several chipmunks on our porch. Tomy just ignores them. He lives to catch Frisbees and Kong Toys…he prefers playing to eating. As calm and nice as Tomy is around children and our pets, I would not want to be the criminal that would attempt to harm us… Tomy would go into protection mode and too bad for the bad guy (or guys). Tomy is such a perfect fit!! Tomy is worth ever dollar we spent and more!! Now, we can’t wait to pick up our new CQB K-9 pup from you next week. (Tomy’s new girl friend). We are excited and feel honored to have a pup from Hard and Jessie. Imagine, two CQBK/9′s purchased in less than 5 months!! Alex, thanks for your dedication, professionalism, and the great work you do in training and choosing the right dog for the right person. Thanks for helping your clients remain safe in what has unfortunately become a dangerous world. My husband and I would be very happy for you to use us as a reference.

Sincerely, Dr. Pat and Kathy , Texas

P.S. My sisters are looking forward with great anticipation to owning a couple of your special dogs in the very near future. Thanks again!!

Dr. Pat and Kathy , Texas


Starsky and I have certified as Patrol/Tracking/Narcotics.

He is not a year old and is fantastic with his Narcotics and Tracking!

You wanted to know when he was certified and against what many have said before, it was before he was a year old. What a smart dog!!!


I had Gary , retired Raytown, Mo. P.D. and NAPWDA Master Trainer certify the dog today.

Daro is the first dog I’ve done and/or that I know of in this area to certify Utility dog under NAPWDA rules.

To get it he had to complete all areas on the same day with no failures in Aggression control, obedience, area search, article search, tracking and building search. He also certified in agility and narcotics. John e-mailed the command staff: In his words “Daro was on his game today”. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but he even broke into tears, I think with pride, emotional respect to K-9 Hondo and final completion of basic training. John wanted me to fill you in, I think he’s very pleased with Daro, I am.



Hi Alex,

It’s been five months now and we wanted to update you on Angus.  As you can see, he was very involved in our engagement photo session.  He loved being outside in the meadows and trees.  Angus is an amazing dog.  He is loving, protective and fun.  He has a normal routine now and loves to play in the backyard with his soccer ball.  As soon as Randle or I get home from work, Angus will run to find his soccer ball and go by the back door.  We open the door and he is off ready to play.  He will bring the ball to us and we tell him to sit, then throw the ball and he will run to fetch it.  I’ve started this thing that once he gets the ball he runs all the way around the pool and comes back to his starting point.  And we do it all over again.  I can’t tell you how easy it has been with Angus.  We take him lots of places and he loves the car.  We will put the window down and he loves to put his head out and get that fresh air.  We just recently took him on a trip to San Diego for the weekend.  He was so behaved.  Everyone loves him wherever we go.  They say how beautiful he is and how well he behaves.  I never had a dog, so I didn’t know what to expect.  But I fell in love quick.  If you ask Randle, he calls Angus my dog because Angus follows me everywhere.  If I go upstairs, he follows.  If I go to the garage, he follows.  But Angus also loves to play with Randle.  They jump around and play ball together.  The most incredible part of getting Angus, is that my mother loves him.  She will call and say, “How’s my granddog?”  And this is from a woman who is afraid of all dogs.  She swore that Angus would not like her and that all dogs just hate her.  But, they met and the next day my mom was outside in the back playing ball with him.  She kept saying that he is so calm, he doesn’t jump and how loving he is.  She even said we could bring him back East to her house for Christmas!  Anyway, I can’t imagine our lives without Angus.  He is the best part of our family.  I’m so happy Randle convinced me that we needed Angus.  And I’m thankful he found you to make our family complete.Randle and AleeAlee
Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished.  It is the content of the encounter that is more important than its form.

Randle and Alee

Hello Alex
Angus is great. The best dog ever.  Thanks again

Alex. Thank you for getting back to me the other day. It was my pleasure to talk to you about Atak. As I said in our conversation he is a great dog and an excellent companion. He is always looking to please you. He has adjusted to the daily routine without a problem. He just fit right in from the moment we got him home. There are no dominance issues with the other two German Shepherd males we have. It is almost like he has been here from a pup.

He really loves a rubber ball. He carries one around quite often. He likes to tease Kaiser (Our 8 month old male) with the ball. They pass it back and forth a lot. Atak is so very confident. Of all the German Shepherds I have had over the years Atak is most likely the most stable and well rounded dog I can remember. “He absolutely has no issues”. I can’t imagine anyone parting with him the way they did. That is our good fortune. I knew from the start that there was more to him than met the eye. I don’t think the previous owner really knew what she had in Atak.

I want to thank you again for the contact we have had and how quick you were to respond to me when I sent you the e-mail about acquiring Atak.  The letter and pictures I sent you by mail were returned to me for an undeliverable address. I used the address from the registration papers. I now see the other address which is a P.O box on your web site. I will resend the photo’s and also load photo’s of Atak into my computer we have taken since he has been with us so I can e-mail them to you

I am still blown away that he was given up so quickly and moved around alot. That may have worked in our favor because when we brought him home he was very relaxed. He must have thought “were we go moving again”. I can assure you that taking Atak into our home is a life long commitment to him. He deserves the stability and a good home. Lu-Ann( My girlfriend) and I spoke about the chance that we were going to have to give him a home from the first day we were contacted about him needing a place to go. That due to the fact the owner was no longer able to provide for him. Lu-Ann said ” that if we take Atak it will have to be a life long commitment. That was no problem for us. We have never failed to keep our promises.

I have to tell you that he is very happy. You know how he smiles…. He is a true gift when we need one so badly. Lu-Ann lost her German Shepherd (Yeager. Named after Chuck Yeager, Because he was so fast) last Year about this time to kidney failure. He was just five. Atak is filling that void left in her by Yeagers passing. That was one dog that I can truly say loved Lu-Ann unconditionally. Atak is making a big impression on Lu-Ann and I can see the two of them becoming very close quite quickly.

Alex, I will stay in touch, and if you need anything out this way please let me know. More than happy to help you out where ever I can. “Stay safe and thank you for your service”

John (Gunner)

When I contacted CQBK9, I had a very specific request…I needed a best friend and companion, a protector but kid friendly…one I could take to work with me surrounded by kids and able to provide protection when needed….knowing how and when to act when I needed him. Being a stranger in a new city and starting my pediatric residency, I was looking for a running partner that I could feel safe with any time of day, whenever I could get the chance for some outdoor fun.

I had researched endlessly on innumerable websites postings and had almost given up hope that what I needed and wanted did not exist…then I finally came across Alex’s website and knew my searching had ended in success.

I was impressed by the understanding and honesty that came across in talking with Alex.

But what gave me an even greater respect for CQBK9 was the genuine love he has for his dogs…he knew each dog’s personality, ability and his care and compassion shone through.

After explaining to Alex exactly what I needed, we made the decision to train Otto. After a few months of training with Otto, I was able to fly and pick him up. I didn’t have to wait long to see what a priceless gift I was driving home. Living in Texas, I had a16hr trip and driving in the early hours was a must…when we got to the hotel, I took Otto out for a last potty break before bed. As we were walking along, a pick-up truck with some rowdy guys came to a screeching halt next to me as they were driving past…next thing I know, Otto comes around the bush and stands between my and the truck and all I hear is the screeching of wheels as the truck zoomed off. Thus our journey began…

Otto has been with me about 3 months and as our bond grows he continues to amaze friends and professional acquaintances. After bringing him home, I am truly impressed with what Alex has done. He is calm and playful as the situation requires. He is cuddly and loving, but ready to protect when I need. Recently, we were having a nap after I had been on call overnight in the hospital. I had locked the deadbolt on my front door in my apartment. He has always been very friendly when people have knocked on my door. However, on this occasion, I had forgotten to tell the maintenance people that I would be home and not to disturb. So they unlocked the door and a loud noise was made as the deadbolt stopped them from entering…immediately Otto jumped up with a growl…the first I had heard! It is a priceless gift to have a best friend who I can trust to be docile with children and others and my protector only at crucial times…It is an oxymoron and two qualities I thought near impossible, but I am so thankful that Alex could make the impossible a reality.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the experience of working with Alex and others at CQB K-9. Alex’s knowledge and ability to match dog and future owners based on personalities and activities is amazing, but the friendship that blossoms after working with him is what truly sets him apart from any other breeder. He is always checking on us, and training and working with him is an ongoing process that I know is unmatched by any other trainer. I know in a couple years it will be time to get Otto a playmate, and there is only one place I will ever go to find additions to my family now. The compliments from everyone who meets Otto are too numerous to write down, but I recommend CQB K-9 without reservation to everyone interested in finding a priceless protector and family companion….one more valuable than can be imagined.

Thanks Alex!

Dr. Naomi and Otto

I highly recommend purchasing a dog from Alex–he truly loves and cares for his dogs.

My dog, purchased at two years of age is a wonderfully sensitive but solid and even-tempered. He can judge the threat level of a situation and react accordingly. I had a family friend (unintelligently) enter the back yard and try to come in the back door of the house. Coje was there in an instant! He was barking and I was afraid he would hurt her–however, she was not threatening toward him and she was not panicking. When I went out to remedy the situation I saw a relatively calm scene–with the family friend using her (very large) handbag between her and the dog as he assertively shoved his nose into it and paced in front of her to make sure she wasn’t going into the house without permission



Hi Alex,

Anka is as great as ever. Everyone always says what a beautiful dog and so well trained.

She loves everyone until she thinks you just might be crossing the line.

I am really bad at just talking to her to tell her what to do. She does it with no problem. She is very smart and she goes with me almost everywhere. When I took her to St. Louis to visit a friend we would go on walks with her. I would take her off the leash so she could run and look around but when I saw someone, I would just call her back. She weights 96 lbs and it is all muscle. She did have some digestive problems but that goes with the breed. I found the best food for her. It is made here in Missouri called Royal Canine for German Shepherds. I will only get my dogs from you. Anka has been wonderful and I spoil her. She has been perfect for me.

Have a great day and take care, Elizabeth


Hello Alex,

I spoke with you after receiving my large black agitation harness with lamb padding. I am very pleased with the quality of this product. You said that you could order me a medium agitation harness just like the black one. If this is correct please order me one and let me know when you receive the harness. My female GSD is going to need a agitation harness and I can not imagine buying another product from someone else. Like I said the quality is excellent.


Dallas, Texas

“When I contacted Close Quarter Battle K-9, the first question was: what kind of dog you are wanting? They asked specific question so that they could find a dog for me, not sell me any dog they had available.

I was very picky on the type of dog I wanted. I have never seen a better trained dog, or a dog that is so perfect for myself. It is exactly what I asked for and needed.

Anka is only a year old, but her abilities are far above her age. She was delivered to me and I have been contacted by CQB K-9™ since, to see how she and I were doing. I am very pleased with my personal protection dog and highly recommend CQB K-9™ to anyone that is looking to buy a personal protection dog.”


CQB K-9 has brought us our new dog “Adina”. She is wonderful and obedient, yet commands instant respect, like the other the K-9 from Alex, which passed away after Christmas.

He found the exact dog for us, everything was very professional and courteous. We will be happy to recommend without reservation CQB K-9.

Col Ralph (USA) RET. Adina

CQB K-9 Has supplied dogs to the following: Independence Police, MO, Phelps County Sheriff’s Office, MO, Montgomery Police & Sheriff’s Office, AL, Belleville Police, IL, Connecticut State Police, Texas State Police, Pennsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, US Military, Scorpion Security BC Canada, Cook Security OK, PSD Teams in Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Africa, Asia, Maavarim Security Israel, and several foreign Counter-terrorist  Units.

Here’s a picture of Lehka the fire dog in front of the old fire engine at the park with my kids. She is doing so well. We’ve gotten into a good routine and she had adjusted beautifully. She is so eager to please and can’t get enough loving. Whenever I walk her people stop me and tell me how well behaved she is.  She is doing great with the kids. We took her on a day trip to the mountains that was mostly a day spent driving and she was as happy as could be. I used the info you gave me and she crate trained fast and with no problems. I only need to use it when I take my son to school otherwise she is with me. She is a wonderful dog. Thank you!


Hi Alex,

Overall she is doing great.  We feed her 1-2 cups of food in the morning, and 2 cups at night and she still weighs right around 60 lbs.  She is always looking to play and gets plenty of exercise.  Sometimes she gets a little too excited and knocks the kids around but they love it and are getting better at keeping her under control.  She understands (in slavic) come and sit.  We need to work more on “no”, “stay”, and “home” (miesto), and down.  Potty training is going well, we haven’t had an accident in the house since week 1.  She is still pretty uneasy around strange children and women at first but is okay after 15 mins or so.  She is definitely more comfortable around men.  She is naturally protective and barks at appropriate times, not too often or for no reason (at least when we’re home)  She does really well up at the cabin too.  We can let her off the leash and she always stays within sight.  I got a little worried on Saturday when she chased after two coyotes but she stopped at the treeline and came back.  We had a herd of elk in the meadow Sunday morning but I got her back in the cabin before she saw them.  I do have a gps tracking device which attaches to her collar (, it works well and gives us peace of mind knowing I can track her down if I need to.

I’ll send you some photos of Tasha later this week.

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful dog.  She is truly special and already one of the family.



The reason I am writing you today is to tell you a tale of Beral.  I believe he stopped a home invasion here at my house, and just a few days later there was a successful robbery just 1 block up and 3 doors down.

Roughly between 2-3 am this morning my door bell rang, my trained dog of the absolute best Pohranicni Straze Policia bloodline from Slovakia, and I approached the door while hearing a female outside in a frantic tone.

I took a moment to identify the voice, was it possibly 1 of my daughters? In an instant I knew it wasn’t but it did belong to a young woman approximately 25 years or older making irrational statements about identity theft and credit cards the nervousness in her voice did not seem natural but rehearsed.

My working dog was “somewhat” being held back when I gave the alert command and swung open the front door.

Facing a 100 pound plus pure black German Shepherd with gnashing teeth in full attack stance straining to get free.

You dribbled on with words that were obviously made up as you were not expecting a trained personal protection dog about 36″ from your face  you were not standing on the door step but lower, giving us that extra height advantage with my boys teeth right in your face.

Bill, California

I have done business with Alex for about 3 years, I bought a male puppy from him in 2007.

Chaz has been one of the best dogs that I have ever owned.

Alex picked him out for me. Through the 3 years there was a couple of issues that came up, and Alex handled them in a very professional way and to my satisfaction. I will be doing business with Alex in the future and recommend him as a breeder and trainer. I also just whelped a litter. Chaz was the sire, and was very pleased with the litter of puppies. Alex’s dogs and their lines are great and produce some awsome working puppies.

Thanks Alex

Debbie D.


I’m so excited, I just have to share with you. I’ve been having Eliska run up and down the “hill” that’s in the field by my house as part of doing obedience and confidence gaining for us both. So, today after a good go at it, I decided to keep her off leash and walk with her on the dirt trails that are out there. Zustan while I walked/ran ahead, then having her pod’sem (like a rocket) right to me. She’s so fast! The highlight was practicing k’nohe off leash!! After just a couple corrections and her figuring out where I wanted her… my goodness. We just got into a rhythm and it was so awesome.

After we got home I wanted to take some time just to play because she definitely deserved lots of reward. Anyway, she has finally taken to one of the kids’ toy golf clubs. She’ll toss it up in the air and spin around, drag it around– it’s the first “toy” I’ve seen her play with. After getting her confidence built up by playing a game of “I’m way too slow to catch this dog, but I’ll chase after her anyway” I actually got her to come up to me, bite onto it and take it away. It was just good because every other time I’ve approached her when she has it, she just drops it and wants nothing to do with it when I offer it back to her.

I guess ultimately what I’m saying is… I just love my dog!! :-)

Hope all is well!!


Angela was nice enough to send me more great experiences with her k-9…


When we entered into an agreement to get Eliska from you, it wasn’t just a business transaction– it was very personal and through it all, you, Alex, became our friend. I know I can call you if I ever have any problems or questions, and when I let you know how my family and Eliska are doing, it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. You genuinely care about us all.

Eliska is highly intelligent, agile, very fast, beautiful, well-behaved, and wonderful with small children. Always watchful, she makes my home more secure and helps me to have confidence that my family is a LOT more safe than it would be without her. She is forever ready to work, loves doing obedience, and if she can be there, she’s always by my side– she is a great companion.

CQB K-9 dogs are the best!! I am proud to own one. To own a dog from such a unique bloodline, trained by Alex with all his talent, passion and knowledge, Eliska truly is priceless.

In the future, we will only call on you, Alex, and CQB K-9 when we decide to add another dog to our family.  CQB K-9′s are THE definition of German Shepherd Dogs.


Angela (USAF Pilot Wife)


The K-9 which I requested from Alex had to be perfect in many respects. Primarily the dog would provide an alternative to personal security (an armed body guard).

Alex spent several months (which included, at my request, a trip to Slovakia and the Czech Republic ) looking for the precise animal for my requirements, which in addition to protecting me, included living with my other two German Shepherd Dogs and my family.

He told me this dog would be my best friend and protector. BadHe is that and much more. His level of training and his ability to also be (or rather appear to be) just a family dog continues to blow me away. I have since sent my youngest GSD, a female to Alex in Colorado , for additional training. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Alex at this critical juncture in my life. Bad has had a profound effect on my ability to continue with a normal daily life. I have previously purchased three GSD puppies from a “high end” USA Imported GSD breeder. Although those experiences we fine, I find it inconceivable that I would purchase such a highly trained animal from them or anyone else I’ve come across. The stakes are simply too high.

Michael in MA


Just to let you know I just certified Independence, MO Police Dept. new canine that Paul got from you Daro passed narcotic detection, obedience, area, building, article search, agility, aggression control, and a track that had aged for an hour. Paul did a great job with the training but I was also impressed with the drive and temperament of Daro.


NAPWDA Master Trainer

Dear Sir,

You have a great website here, easy to use and full of information. I presently have a female shepherd and started her on your diet, it is working well . Thanks for the diet tips. Next time I am in the market for a dog you will have top consideration. Keep up the good work.


Dear CQB K-9 Staff:

I would like to personally thank you for what you do in preserving the GSD & for SUPPORTING my comrades in Arms in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am an owner of an 11th month old GSD, Solid Black Female. I will observe a Schutzhund Class tonight to see if it is the club for me and my GSD Gucci. It is the Greater Washington Schutzhund Group and my Breeder is the President of that club. My GSD Gucci was born here but her parents are German imports Schutzhund III… and she is great. Again, thank you and God Bless. Happy and Safe 4th of July.


Athos came into my life at a time when I was at my worst.

For the third time in my life I had stalker.

The person became increasingly threatening, harassing, and frightening. I was like a shell-shocked veteran and had isolated myself from friends and family, only venturing out to go to work or to the farm to ride my horses (the only places I felt safe). I was terrified in my home. Many friends were happy to try to teach me to use guns, but I just could not do it. I believe I am keenly aware of their danger and more keenly aware of my own ineptness with them. He is now both my healing companion and my protector.

Besides having the companionship of a highly intelligent animal which is an inch away from being psychic, his presence in my home and in my car with me on the long drives to and from the horse farm gives me a feeling of safety and calmness that I thought had been completely lost.

He is taken with me on any small trip to the store, particularly at night. I see people react to him when we ride in the car or when I take him for a walk. Some are drawn to his beauty and sweetness and some get away as quickly as possible.

Thank you, CQB-K9; you were right.

Rebecca in Alabama