Pohraniční Stráže and Polícia Dogs of CQB K-9 

  • Hard Polícia IPO3
  • Tom z Pohraniční Stráže SP-PS, ZV1, OP1 Kkl 2
  • Ilko aus der Konishohle ZM, ZVV1, SchH3, IPO3
  • Dunčo Va-Pe SVV2, IPO3, SchH3
  • Max Lubinov-Slovakia, SVV2, FPR1, H1
  • Bred Forivet IPO3, SchH3
  • Greif Haris Haus SchH3, IPO3, Kkl 1


  • Fiasko Okal SVV1, IPO1, SchH1
  • Dusty Gaštanová SVV1
  • Norbo Ben-Ju IPO3, SchH3
  • Xero z Pohraniční Stráže IPO3, SchH3
  • Ellute von der Mohnwiese  IPO3, SchH3
  • Isaak Vicona SVV1
  • Ubu Vlady-Sal SVV1

map_of_SlovakiaCQB K-9™ dogs are direct through the Czech z Pohraniční Stráže and Slovakian Polícia Bloodlines for families, personal protection, felony crime victims, executives, special operations, and security organizations. CQB K-9™

A companion, alarm system and bodyguard, all in one package™. We have been with German Shepherd Dogs since birth (1963), and work nightly with Anti-terrorist K-9 operations/training and responsibilities since 1986 (Former USMC RECON), so you can trust us in knowing you are dealing with people who know German Shepherd Dogs. The dog is trained at CQB K-9™ further once it has entered USA, to very high levels of obedience, protection, detection, and other techniques.

Bloodlines of the Kennel z Czech Pohraniční Stráže were acquired from the former East Germany (DDR) and Czechoslovakia in 1955, to serve the Border Patrol. The dogs are unique with their strong nerves, large bone structure, dark pigmentation and willingness to work in obedience, tracking, and defense.

Horand, the first German Shepherd Dog, by Capt von Stephanitz

Horand, the first German Shepherd Dog, by Capt von Stephanitz

The dogs from Slovakia are put rigorous Kynology/veterinarian, physical, and temperament testing. Then after they complete either Military or Police Academies, the dogs go the Border Stations or work with the Polícia to combat Mafiya influences, violent criminals, economic and war refugees from former Eastern Bloc satellites, drug and contraband smugglers, and terrorists, all trying to enter Western Europe. The dogs are used daily in high risk, life threatening situations, to defend their Handlers. They patrol many kilometers, in very rugged terrain and in inhospitable weather, every day of the year.

Many Breeders, Military & Police Dog Units, are coming from all over the world to import the finest working German Shepherd Dogs from Slovakia.

Please fill out our contact information so we can determine what specific purpose you intend the dog to perform, family interaction with the dog, where the dog will be living, your experience with dogs, and what you envision a CQB K-9 dog doing for your family, security team, or special operations unit.

According to your specific requirements, I train from Slovakian Bloodlines (or Custom Import)  the special dog you want. There are literally dozens of exceptional dogs to chose from and I travel the country and select them from the top breeders. Then I do advanced training at my kennel in Colorado once the dog is imported. This is a special service I provide and I travel to Slovakia very often to exchange the latest training techniques. Most people just sell whatever they have on hand and that isn’t what I do. I know the dogs’ littermates, pedigrees/parents, where the dogs’ are throughout Slovakia and the world, through our database of DDR, Pohraniční Stráže and Polícia dogs. I have an extensive library of rare dog training and Korbuchs, dating back to 1903. 

Prices depend on pedigree, titles owned by the dog, time in service (on the street/apprehensions), breed ability, and socialization factors.

Direct from Slovakia, personally selected and trained by Alex. NO Middleman!

Types of Slovakian German Shepherd Dogs I custom import for you:

Long Coated German Shepherd Dogs. Some of the very best I have owned and Imported are equipped with longer coats.


Black and Bi-colors. These are especially in demand for their psychological deterrence. And for Night Operations.


Sables, what Captain Max von Stephanitz originally developed over 100 years ago.
They have gray color undercoat, black tips on outer coat. Bred for patrol, work, especially at night.


Black & Red, from Working Lines, tough but without the arched back or health problems common to American, German, and some poorly bred dogs in Europe.