Personal Protection Dogs for UK, New Zealand, Australia & South Africa

dogs1-stockdogs3stockWe are pleased to announce the importation of the famous Czech Pohraniční Stráže and Slovakia Polícia German Shepherd Dogs to all of Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland as well as South Africa. Special Shipments made also to Australia and New Zealand. With the new EU Pet Passport, our K-9’s now may be obtained without the old quarantine. This is a unique and new opportunity for people to own dogs of these excellent bloodlines.

CQB K-9 TM™ will have a Base of Operations in the UK, providing Security Services, ranging from Patrol, Anti-crime, Close Protection, Surveillance, Investigations, Counter-terrorism, Training and Equipment Sales. All Operators are from former Special Forces backgrounds.

The dogs all have microchips and/or tattoos for identification, and European Union Pet Pas. After the rabies seriological testing, the dog can enter the UK, Ireland, after six months from the time of the test. For holding the dog, a Fee of $2500 for Kenneling, on-going training, food, care, and routine medical checkups. This is in additional to the price of the K-9, based on Euros of British Sterling Rate.

dogs2-stockAdditional costs and procedure are necessary for Australia & New Zealand. Please contact CQB K-9 for more information.

We can arrange dogs to enter South Africa!

Counter-terrorist K-9
Executive Protection