Custom Personal Protection Dogs from CQB K-9™ in Colorado for the security conscious individual, family, felony-crime victim, business owner, single parent, females in need of security.

Criminals interviewed state the last thing they want to come up against is a trained dog.  Click here for our dogs for sale.

Hokycivil-cropThere truly is no dollar amount that can be put on these dogs when considering the hundreds of hours that go into the training, not to mention the thought that one of these dogs could actually save your or one of your loved one’s lives. The reality of today’s society is that it can be a cruel and ill intentioned one. Having a quality Protection Dog means that you and your family will sleep much more comfortably at night.Debidrz1 copy

We start with assessing the dog’s health first, then protection abilities, temperament and social skills for being around children, other family members, and pets/animals. Advanced training takes place in personally by me in the USA. My experience working with dogs from anti-terrorist operations to placing dogs for executive protection, insures you are getting the best dog for the most affordable price. No Sport Dogs or “Levels” of training.

The dog is trained on and off leash in a variety of situations, such as guarding loved ones and house/property from home invasion robberies, protecting you while in your vehicle from car-jacking, going to the ATM, performing security inside your place of business from thugs, and other custom tailored situations depending on your needs. These dogs have a “switch”, to go from a cuddly companion, to a ferocious man stopper.

Our Personal Protection Dogs are a viable alternative to weapons, OC spray or alarms. Criminals interviewed state the last thing they want to come up against is a trained dog. Contact CQB K-9™ and learn about obtaining a quality German Shepherd Dog from Slovak Republic Police & Working Dog bloodlines (z Pohraniční Stráže & Polícia).

DSC00803We obtain only the best dogs for Personal Protection, Executive Protection, and Counter-Terrorist K-9 operations. If you have a special request for a Slovakian German Shepherd Dog, please contact us for more information. CQB K-9™ handles only quality, tested and screened dogs.

Please fill out our information request form. I need specific information on your purpose for the dog, family interaction with the dog, experience with dogs, and what you want to see one of my dogs do for you, or team.

Please see our PricesMedia Pages, and judge for yourself about our dogs. Contact CQB K-9 for more information.

The Slovakian German Shepherd Dogs I breed, select, train and import are the best specimens for protective, social, loving companions. I make my prices extremely affordable, pound for pound, you will not find better trained dogs, or service, than from CQB K-9.