Executive Protection Dogs Advanced Modules

strazeCQB K-9™ Executive Protection Dogs Advanced Modules are the best in the world, selecting the dog for my 30+ years of  sources, finding the best dog for your situation. We first check the dog’s health, intelligence, drives, stability, and different reactions to gunfire, explosions, shiny/slippery floors, and dark areas. Then we take the dog to new surroundings, different handlers and then see how the dog reacts.

Training is started after this, that I have selected that have the experience and background necessary for Executive Protection assignments. No Sport Dogs or “Levels” of training. Many dogs are from rural villages, and they are taken by SUV’s into cities, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, to be socialized properly around groups of people. Almost all are raised in families with children, small dogs, horses, and other livestock.

Manners are very important to a CQB K-9™ Executive Protection Dog. All are housebroken, do not take food, or bark without reason. We want the dog to be as another member of the family. Dogs that can be left alone inside an Estate, or out at night protecting the perimeter. Capable of discriminative actions, without being a liability. Next is the super off-leash obedience module. This is very important for jogging, around other animals, people, or in conjunction with Advanced Protection Modules. Proper come, stay, long stay, heel, retrieve, search/track, bark on command, alert, and more are incorporated into this phase of our training. Visit us in Colorado CQB K-9™ Headquarters for your Handler’s Course. We can also teach the dog special obedience training in addition to what we accomplish here.

The CQB K-9™ Executive Protection Dog Advanced Protection Modules are the most critical, and demanding. We do not use competition sport methods here, only real-world training scenarios. Anti-Kidnapping, Home Invasion Robbery, Car-Jacking, Child Abduction, Handler Protection, Guarding Objects/Vehicles, Tracking and Building Searches are the forte’ of our training, Some is done at night, in unfamiliar surroundings, with multiple attackers. Criminals interviewed state the last thing they want to come up against is a trained dog. CQB K-9™

We utilize our own CQB K-9™ custom made, exceptional dog training equipment only with CQB K-9™ dogs. Muzzle attacks, hidden sleeves, bite suits, gunfire and explosions are the same as for a CQB K-9™ dog as it is for a well-polished executive protection bodyguard, or special operations commando. 

Diet and Conditioning are a vital component to our Advanced Modules process. We cook natural recipes for the dogs’ superior health and nutrition. Deer, elk, fish, vegetables, vitamins are a stable, along with high quality brand kibble foods. Exercise and physical fitness of the dogs promotes a higher self and great looks of them, which I am always complimented on about my dogs, and myself, as we train as we would for battle, whether or not it comes, we are ready. This stimulation gives more bonding together, and a longer life for your investment.

You may stay at the luxurious 5 star Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs or the famous Hotel La Fonda  in Taos NM, when you come to meet your new highly trained CQB K-9™ (Colorado has spectacular sights, sports here). Or we can come to your location for expenses plus flight for your Handler’s Course. On-going maintenance training every 4-6 months absolutely required for keeping the K-9 and Handler up-to-date with the latest training and techniques!

athosWe will work with you throughout the life of your dog, to make you and the dog we selected specifically for your situation, is keeping you safe. We also offer on going maintenance training for your dog, either at your location, or you may fly back to Colorado with your dog, or ship to Denver International Airport or Albuquerque International Airport and we will board, feed, groom and train your dog for your travels either for business, going overseas, and vacations.

I want to get you the best dog for you or your family, I have been around German Shepherd Dogs all my life, and know that they are a very good alternative to a weapon or bodyguard. many of my Executive Protection K-9’s cross international borders daily, protect low and high profile clients’,  ready and alert for any contingency,  just like a furry secret service agent.

We strive for perfection, only dealing with quality. CQB K-9™  Contact CQB K-9