Custom Personal Protection Dogs from CQB K-9

IMG_3068Custom Personal Protection Dogs from CQB K-9™ in Colorado for the security conscious individual, family, felony-crime victim, business owner, single parent, females in need of security. Over the years of training and selling high-quality Imported German Shepherd Dogs from Slovakia, I have found that some potential clients need a dog, but would like to start with a puppy instead of buying a fully-trained adult dog. This new puppy will bond with my clients while they learn how to train their K-9, as they mature. By the time their puppy is 12-14 months old, they have a dog that is a fully trained Personal Protection from Close Quarter Battle K-9™. Criminals interviewed state the last thing they want to come up against is a trained dog.

The CQB K-9 Puppy Program is not to be missed! First, you purchase one of my puppies, with a $2,000 down deposit. Once you have paid the balance and if you decide to have your new family member enter your “Pack”, you can have your puppy shipped to your location for time to bond with your family. Or, you can pay for your pup and have him stay at CQB K-9 HQ in Colorado, and begin his training here for their initial socialization, obedience, and protection training.

IMGP0037Training is done in up to 3 (or more) Advanced Training Modules from CQB K-9. Each Module is completed in monthly training sessions (includes training, boarding and the ultimate care only delivered by CQB K-9!) Around age 8-14 months old, training is completed by my Clients’ finishing their Handler Course here in Colorado. Some Clients appreciate the convenience of me delivering their highly trained adult K-9 to their location and teaching them how to handle their new dog (custom delivery is an additional charge). Depending on my Clients’ schedules, some choose to ship their dog back and forth like sending their Child to summer camp, all the while continuing to bond with their dog. Other Clients choose to train and board their K-9 at our HQ in Colorado. They like the “getaway” our training provides them, and Colorado is beautiful every season.

This is your Custom CQB K-9, trained to your specifications! All inclusive: excellent food, boarding, Veterinarian on-Staff check ups. This program is for people that want the Real World Protection K-9’s I am famous for breeding, raising, and training.

Bond with your new CQB K-9 puppy today! Now the Military family with a member getting deployed, the single female not wanting to carry a .357, the jewelry store owner wanting a professionally trained dog that loves his children, the security operative working downrange, can have the same high quality as my fully trained adult Personal Protection Dogs.

Now your safety, protection, and companionship will all be in the form of a furry secret service agent, that you helped raise and train.

Advanced Modules Training is $2500 @ month. 3 Modules will produce a Personal Protection Dog. Click here for dogs for sale.

Shipping/Delivery are Extra. Contact CQB K-9

NOTE: This is only for CQB K-9, Special Teams, and Private Contractors . We DO NOT TRAIN other breeds, bloodlines outside of CQB K-9! Sorry for the inconvenience. I have to be honest and tell you it will take months of training to produce what I can do with CQB K-9 dogs in weeks.