personalprotectiondogscqbk9Executive Protection Dogs from CQB K-9™ for families, women in danger, crime victims, anti-kidnapping and business owners requiring an alarm system, bodyguard, companion, and family member, all in one package™.

A dog of this caliber is a viable alternative for Clients wishing to cross International borders, without the hassle of weapon permits, and still have the necessary protection. A German Shepherd Dog can quite easily adapt from one climate to another.

Our Executive Protection Dogs are unlike others that you might read about. I personally select these dogs in Slovakia and with my skill and experience in Counter-terrorist K-9 activities the world over, I know many things that landlocked North American and European Trainers can not even conceive of. No Sport Dogs or “Levels” of training. CQB K-9™ use Advanced Modules from real-world experience.  These dogs have a “switch”, to go from a cuddly companion, to a ferocious man stopper.

Working in and around dangerous places, I can tell you that having another set of eyes, a superior nose and ears, with bone crushing and man stopping capabilities, not to mention the psychological deterrence factor, and the mental well being or having a partner, where a possibly highly trained human bodyguard may not be available or viable.

These dogs are comfortable working in the business place, with well-behaved children and adults, in noisy auditoriums, aircraft, yachts, estates, and ranches with livestock. I custom train the dog to your specific requirements, making a dog capable of making intelligent, discriminative actions, and without social consequences, unnecessary attention or liability. Like a furry secret service agent guarding you.

The training I put into the the CQB K-9 Dogs is similar to the forging of a blade, creating the exceptional technique, a lethal and sharp weapon, a combat ready warrior. Criminals interviewed state the last thing they want to come up against is a trained dog.

We are not offering Sport dogs in the place of our real-world dogs with street fighting capabilities. A soccer field and sleeve is not practical for the apprehension of criminals and terrorists.

Please see our Prices, Media Pages, and judge for yourself about our dogs. Contact CQB K-9 for more information.

CQB K-9′s flying on jet aircraft