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German Shepherd Protection Dogs

German Shepherd Protection Dog

Personal Protection Dog

Our Famous German Shepherd Dogs

Our acclaimed German Shepherd Dogs are imported or bred in Colorado and highly trained from old Czech Border Patrol and Slovakian Polícia bloodlines. Handpicked and trained specifically by me to be Executive Protection and Personal Protection Dogs. We train our German Shepherd Dogs at our Colorado training facility. Our Veterinarians screen the shepherds for hip dysplasia, stomach problems and more so you know you are getting the best protection dogs possible. Working Dogs are in a shortage right now due to the pandemic and high crime. We have a waiting list now, I have some of the best bloodlines bar none in the world, please read our FAQSERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
My techniques are for real-world situations that are encountered on the street, in business or in the home. I have also developed specialized harnesses, helmet cameras, and sensors for counter-terrorist dogs and special operations canines. We only breed one or two select litters of German Shepherd Dog puppies a year with high socialization, obedience, and protection imprinting. We strive for the best dogs with superior health, intelligence, and training. Please see our Youtube videos. 

Personal tasking and specialized instruction with every german shepherd guard dog. Thank you for visiting!

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Personal Protection Dogs for Families

Protect Your Family

Why Should You Get a Personal Protection Dog?

When it comes down to it, there is nothing more important than maintaining your personal safety, and the safety of your loved ones. Violent crime is an unfortunate reality of our society today, and having a plan for protection is the best way to offer you and your family peace of mind, and a barrier of defense if or when your safety is threatened.

Dangerous criminals that have been interviewed have stated that the last thing they want to come up against is a trained guard dog. This is because they know that dogs aren't subject to human error like other protection methods. When their switch flips from friend to guardian, there is nothing that will stop them from trying to protect their owner. That being said, the great thing about personal protection dogs is the fact that they have that switch--they aren't an armed weapon at all times. In other words, your ultimate protector also doubles as your best friend and loyal family member. Our dogs are highly socialized and trained to be a cuddly family dog as well as a ruthless attacker. No matter what you need protection from--home invasion, business robbery, threats against women, etc--our rigorously trained dogs will be there when you need them most. 

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German Shepherd Puppies CO

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Based in Colorado, our German Shepherd Puppies come from a rare and healthy Slovakian police dog bloodline. All puppies are hand raised and socialized to prepare them for training. Our Super Dog program exposes all our German Shepherds to gunfire, loud noises, environmental differences, kids & other animals.

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