Hi Tech Dogs

Hi Tech Dogs

October 11, 2020 by

At CQB K-9, we are developing, training and utilizing hi- tech kit developed for on-target reconnaissance, long distance tracking, canine protection and deployment, sensor placement and communications between the handler/operator and multi-purpose canine.

Direct communications to the dog for directional movement, via radio or 4G cellular to an ear bud mounted onto a harness, helmet or installed inside “Mutt-Muffs” provide close to long range comms to enhance mission- critical time on target. some we have modified from snowboarder technology. Goggles and specialized body armor & K-9 helmet cameras to provide level III-A protection and rappel/jump insertion.

Helmet cameras provide live feeds direct to handler with wrist-mounted receiver or app on cellular phone with infrared viewing. This shows the dog’s head point of view to examine a device, possible target and gather intelligence.

We are experimenting with biosensors, utilizing the dog as a Wi-Fi mesh network, dropping self-righting surveillance transceivers from rare earth magnets. The dogs heart rate, breathing, temperature, and position can be monitored via smart watch and or smart phone. Data can be transmitted also 2-way satellite from dog to command elements. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can also be utilized with the dog for yet another point of view for the command. This has FLIR capabilities and a on-target time on 25 minutes. They are virtually unheard and provide valuable intelligence when it’s too dangerous for Human intelligence (HUMINT.)

What all this means to a swat or special operations teams is valuable reconnaissance & special sensor data for hostage rescue, monitoring enemy movements, examining bomb damage or other hostile environments. This all saves money, time and lives.

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