Counter-Terrorist K-9

Counter-terrorist K-9

CQB K-9™ Counter-terrorist K-9 training of night operations, foreign weapons, tracking, explosives and IED's, hostage rescue, rappelling, muzzle work, dead prey biting, grenades, knife fighting, and advanced tactics.

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CQB K-9™ Counter-terrorist Dog Teams are the final option for today’s terrorist. Hostage rescue, Counter-sniper, Maritime, High Altitude, and Urban assault surgical extractions are our specialty. A covert entry or insertion by helicopter, CQB K-9™ is at the razor’s edge in operational deployments with the use in Counter-terrorist K-9’s.

  • Silent intervention/Sentry Removal
  • Rappelling/FAST rope
  • Hostage rescue & CQB
  • Soviet & Eastern Bloc Weapons
  • NVG/Night Operations, Man-Tracking
  • Building searches, Patrolling
  • K-9 Video System, Advanced Comms
  • Gas & Riot Control
  • High Altitude Parachute Ops
  • K-9 Trauma & Care
  • Fire & explosions
  • CS & Mace gas
  • Slippery floors
  • Elevators & escalators
  • Explosives, booby traps & IED’s
  • Anti-Suicide Bomber
  • Crowds/Multiple attackers
  • Vehicle operations
  • Defense & prey drives
  • Advanced protection
  • Anti-stalker
  • Witness protection
  • Vehicle & property guarding
  • Advanced patrolling & tracking
  • Muzzle work
  • 9mm & 5.56mm live gun fire

These K-9’s are special order only, and take months of intense training to produce. Operator’s are required to attend a Handler’s Course at CQB K-9™ HQ.

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Criminals interviewed state the last thing they want to come up against is a trained dog. Si vis pacem, para bellum. "If you wish for peace, prepare for war."

Our dogs are only fed strict nutritional guidelines that we have standardized for working K-9’s Meat, wild game, pasta & broth are hand-cooked for their active lifestyles. We use natural, organic dog food (freeze dried for OCONUS/High Altitude/Special Ops or Bagged Kibble) as a staple at CQB K-9™.

We regularly train at 43 C, desert and urban settings to frozen, 3,000m+ mountain tops for all around physical fitness. The dogs and handlers are beyond reproach in health and endurance. Most of our training takes place nocturnally, to bring out the dogs’ natural instincts as night hunters (Schattenjäger).

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CQB K-9™ can, in addition to the price, have titanium canines installed and perform special stomach surgery to prevent torsion for dogs working in Hostile environments.

We can deploy anywhere in the world as German Shepherd Dogs are the most versatile for this purpose. As former special operations team members, you are assured of getting the most experienced and skilled operators, along with the most extensive training available, anywhere. Contact CQB K-9.

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