Frequently Asked Questions About Protection Dogs

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We ask you to read as much as possible about CQB K-9 before contacting

Please read as much of as my website as possible, then we can communicate via phone or SKYPE. I am reachable between daylight hours (COLORADO, USA) UTC-7 hours).  At CQB K-9, we actually prefer to speak with our customers to ensure that each situation is handled to your complete satisfaction.

I conduct an extensive interview about how and why you need a CQB K-9, and how you would deploy, care for, and maintain a CQB K-9.  We believe in “white glove” service, and have found that excellent service is best delivered in live conversation, rather than in an exchange of emails or text messages. And because CQB K-9 is an experienced K-9 trainer and not sales people, you get rock-solid advice, and information… without the sales spiel! 

Where are you located?

I am at 8000 ft, living off-grid, on 480 acres of beautiful Colorado scenery, and might be calling you from a satellite phone, from wherever I might be. Look at other websites and see what they are training, importing and what they charge. You are looking at hundreds of hours of extremely demanding training to have a K-9 that is prepared to sacrifice itself for your security. I work harder than anyone in the business and train and deploy counter-terrorist dogs with CQB K-9 worldwide. I also have a Kennel in Slovakia.

What does CQB K-9 mean?

CQB is an acronym for Close Quarter Battle. That is imminent fighting in close proximity.  

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What is the process of purchasing a  personal or executive protection dog?

A deposit for a CQB K-9 is $2000. We want you as a Client, establishing long term relationships. I have dogs with many repeated customers, special operations teams, private contractors, where their lives’ are on the line downrange, and can not afford to accept a substitute. What you get with a CQB K-9 is outstanding customer service which is an oxymoron nowadays. I want to get you the right dog for your situation.

Are there any health problems with your Protection dogs?

We have NO hip dysplasia, I screen these out with my army of veterinarians, no other health problems. I start imprinting the puppies at 3-5 weeks old with neurological stimulation, gunfire, explosions, kids, other animals. They typically live to 12, Hard Polícia was a prime example of an outstanding well balanced and bone crushing man stopper. German Shepherd Dogs love children, that is the special duality and nobility of this breed. These dogs require on going training, they are not “remote control” dogs, they need to bond and know their place in your “Pack” as they were bred to guard the flock. My partner in Slovakia is a Veterinarian and my local veterinarians are Colorado State University graduates. 

How does CQB K-9 differ from other protection dog companies?

This is a lifelong commitment for the dog to serve you the dog will give you unconditional love & devotion for life. Plus, CQB K-9 Advanced Modules (Socialization, Extreme Obedience, Advanced Protection, Custom Training) on going training. If you have not factored in these costs for the hundreds of hours I spend with each dog, these are the facts. NO BS, MIDDLEMAN or EUROs. I do all this for you. Worldwide Delivery.

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Will I and my Family get to participate in the transition?

I also train people, providing a Handler’s Course that is second to none (Usually 2 days). I can take you as far as you want from my USMC Recon background and years of Executive Protection K-9 assignments, I am the pioneer working dog operator/trainer (1986). We feed them the best organic dogs foods, raw meats and bones, and our own home cooked recipes, probably eating better than most humans. This is a  formula that I have made and has worked for decades. I know what people want and how to train dogs for real world situations.

What other things can CQB K-9 provide?

From Berkeley to Baghdad, CQB K-9 dogs are there guarding handlers and families 24/7. All photos, testimonials are of actual clients, CQB K-9 training and operations. I am doing research and development of cutting edge training, tactics, and gear.  We never stop learning, growing and putting out the best dogs in the world from CQB K-9.  This why CQB K-9 is the Leader of the Pack.

Will you train my dog?

NOTE: This is only for CQB K-9 dogs, Special Teams, and Private Contractors . We DO NOT TRAIN other breeds, bloodlines outside of CQB K-9! Sorry for the inconvenience. I have to be honest and tell you it will take months of training to produce what I can do with CQB K-9 dogs in weeks.

And finally...

  • No sales to persons under the age of 21 without parental consent
  • No felony convictions
  • Background checks will be done if necessary 
  • No third party sales
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, regardless of department, unit or affiliation

CQB K-9 Price List

  • Deposit for CQB K-9 (NON-REFUNDABLE) - $2000
  • Puppy - $3000
  • Personal Protection Dog - $8000-$10000+ 
  • Executive Protection Dog - $16,000-$20000+
  • Counter-Terrorist Dog - $16,000-$20000+
  • Explosive/IED Detection Training - $5000
  • Advanced Modules Training-30 days - $3500
  • High Threat Executive Protection/Personal Security Detail CONTACT CQB K-9
  • Delivery Extra (ask for a quote)
  • Demonstration of K-9 Away from CQB K-9 Facility (Applicable to purchase NON-REFUNDABLE) - $500

CQB K-9 has a One Year Health Guarantee on puppies and dogs.

NOTE-Due to rapidly deteriorating actions in the world and international travel restrictions, we are only selling in stock dogs at our kennel and updated daily with dogs, puppy announcements and making a waiting list for special order dogs & puppies. We DO NOT SHIP DOGS! We are only traveling in extreme conditions and within 1000 mile radius. You are welcome to travel to Alamosa, CO (ALS) in your private jet and we will pick you up at the airport, do your handler’s course here and stay at a nearby B&B, or fly dog(s) and myself to your location. Or you can fly from your destination to Alamosa, CO (ALS) and rent a vehicle, stay at a nearby B&B and drive back. 


We offer military, LEO, security contractor & cash discounts. 

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