German Shepherd Guard Dogs For Sale

Throughout history dogs, and German Shepherds specifically, have been used to protect & guard homes, families & livestock. German Shepherds are ideal guard dogs due to their natural instincts to learn, listen & obey commands. They are loyal, loving and well suited for families but can become menacing when necessary.

Our german Shepherd training is dictated by your specific requirements. I train from Slovakian Bloodlines to mold the personal protection dog you want. We normally have many exceptional dogs to chose from as I travel the country and select them from the top breeders. When a dog has been selected, I provide advanced training at my kennel in Colorado. I travel to Slovakia frequently to exchange the latest protection dog training techniques.

What Sets Our Protection Dogs Apart

Most breeders or trainer sell whatever they have on hand but that's not what I do at CQB K-9. I know our dogs litter mates, pedigrees/parents, where the shepherds are throughout Slovakia and the world, through our database of DDR, Pohranicní Stráže and Polícia dogs. I have an extensive library of rare dog training and Korbuchs, dating back to 1903.

Diet & Conditioning

Super Dog Program

Prices depend on pedigree, titles owned by the dog, time in service (on the street/apprehensions), breed ability, and socialization factors. 

German Shepherd Adults Dogs for Sale

German Shepherd Adults Sold Dogs

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