German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Colorado
Personal Protection Dogs

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Colorado Personal Protection Dogs

Rare Slovakian German Shepherd Bloodlines

CQB K-9 (TM) Puppies are from rare and healthy Slovakian police dog bloodlines that went through rigorous screening process just to be able to work with border patrol, special police and other units demanding the best in German Shepherd Dogs.

Training Our Personal Protection Dogs

We hand raise and home-school our puppies with exposure to gunfire, loud noises, environmental differences, high altitude fresh air, kids, other animals, and the Super Dog Program. This is all starts before their eyes are even open, it takes a lot of work to properly imprint puppies and crucial to make them into working dogs down the road.

Available Puppies

Healthy German Shepherd Puppies Available

We make sure with our CSU graduate Veterinarians that our puppies are all healthy, inoculated, dewormed, microchipped and registered. These are high drive puppies that need attention, training, exercise and proper diet and conditioning to ensure their longevity. Most live to 12 and beyond, without hip dysplasia, stomach or any other factors the breed can incur, because we go the extra length to insure your quality investment.

What Sets Our Protection Dog Puppies Apart

People depend on CQB K-9 (TM) dogs downrange and mission failure is not an option. I have bred over 20 super-quality Slovakian German Shepherd Dog puppy litters and it is what makes the ultimate in working dogs for families, security, personal & executive protection, special operations, and people who want the best dogs and training available. It’s the special genetics, love, imprinting and food that makes CQB K-9(TM) dogs special. We now have a waiting list and only do one or two select litters a year. Deposit is required.

Diet & Conditioning

Super Dog Program

German Shepherd Dogs for Sale

We currently have no German Shepherd for sale. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when our German Shepherd become available.

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