Executive Protection Dogs

Executive Protection Dogs from CQB K-9™ for families, women in danger, crime victims, anti-kidnapping, and business owners requiring an alarm system, bodyguard, companion, and family member, all in one package™.

Celebrity Guard Dog

Executive Protection, or guard dogs, of this caliber, are a viable alternative for clients wishing to cross International borders, without the hassle of weapon permits. A German Shepherd guard dog can easily adapt from one climate to another.

Our Executive Protection German Shepherds are unlike others that you might read about. I use my worldwide skills and experience in Counter-terrorist K-9 activities when I personally select German Shepherds in Slovakia.

My vast experience gives me an unparalleled edge when it comes to knowing things that landlocked North American and European Trainers cannot even conceive. I do not use Sport Dogs or “Levels” when training the Slovakian German Shepherds that I breed. CQB K-9™ uses Advanced Modules from real-world experiences.

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Executive Protection Dogs

High Profile - Celebrity Protection

Working in and around dangerous places, I can tell you that having another set of eyes, superior nose and ears, with bone-crushing capabilities is a security measure you will want by your side. Not to mention, the psychological deterrence factor, along with the mental well-being of having a well-trained companion.  Ideal for high-profile or celebrity clients, our executive protection dogs are a more practical option than human bodyguards.

These Executive Protection dogs are comfortable working in the business place, with well-behaved children and adults, in noisy auditoriums, aircraft, yachts, estates, and ranches with livestock. I custom train the dog to your specific requirements, making a dog capable of making intelligent, discriminating actions, and without social consequences, unnecessary attention, or liability. Like a furry secret service agent guarding you.

The training I put into the CQB K-9™ Executive Protection German Shepherds is similar to the forging of a blade, a lethal and sharp weapon, using an exceptional technique to create a combat-ready warrior. Criminals interviewed state the last thing they want to come up against is a trained dog.

Worldwide Guard Dogs

Worldwide Executive & Agency Protection

We are not offering Sport dogs in the place of our real-world dogs with street fighting capabilities. A soccer field and sleeve are not practical for the apprehension of criminals and terrorists.

 CQB K-9™ can perform high-quality security operations anywhere in the world that a very well-trained K-9 Handler Team is needed to protect your agency, business, estate, property, or family in domestic or foreign locations, CQB K-9 can deliver!

Serving Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, California, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and other states within 1000 miles or have us flown to your destination.  Internationally. Former special operations personnel with extensive security dog handler experience. The pioneer of executive & personal protection dogs since 1986.

We have experienced the world over, and many local contacts to provide up to date on the ground real-time human intelligence (HUMINT) for advance planning and route surveys, using clandestine reconnaissance and infrared counter-surveillance. Criminals interviewed state the last thing they want to come up against is a tactically trained guard dog.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Tactically Trained Protection Dogs

We utilize low-profile vehicles, high-tech communications, GPS, night vision, and anything that might be necessary to defend our client.

Patrol and explosive detection dogs for tactical security requirements. Able to detect the latest compounds in use by terrorist cells. All of the K-9s imported have a “switch”, to go from either nice to nightmare.

The K-9s are trained at least 5X a week in obedience, agility, advanced tactics, and protection. Every day begins with a physical training workout for both Handler & K-9s. We run and or swim more than 80 Kilometers a week.

They wear body armor in hostile conditions and are flashlight trained to move their eyes with the light. A K-9 handler team can cover at least a square kilometer in an hour, utilizing their keen senses of smell, hearing, and eyesight. A K-9 can detect and apprehend a Bad Guy with a weapon faster than deploying a gun.

  • Guarding
  • Patrolling
  • Detecting
  • Tracking
  • Apprehending

D-U-N-S Number: 131040847

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