Handler Training Course

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The CQB K-9 Handler’s Course is a requisite training module for you to fully be capable to operate your new CQB K-9.

This highly intensive and progressive skill set package takes you and your family into the arena of learning about your new Personal Protection Dogs or Executive Protection Dogs. Our dogs are bred, selected, and trained from the best bloodlines I obtain from my select Police, Special Forces, and Counter-terrorist dog European breeders and at my Colorado Headquarters.

We want to be able to show you the dog’s special traits, how to implement the K-9 into your work and family (business also) lifestyle.

Nobody works harder than me and I go all over the world (Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East) providing these “door-to-door” Handler Courses. From 4 years olds learning our foreign commands to implementing advanced security features for today’s unrestful world, Alex from CQB K-9 personally brings the dog, his skill and knowledge, right to your home or at our CQB K-9 Colorado HQ.

We train you to become a fully qualified Personal or Executive Protection Dog Handler and integrate the dog into your lifestyle. We custom train to your specific requirements all the things necessary to leave you with one of my highly-trained CQB K-9’s. We just don’t do one course and leave, we do on-going maintenance training modules to keep the dog and you sharp, as I am involved in anti-terrorist operations, and provide the latest, state-of-the-art techniques and tactics.

I include this in the price of your dog(s) and go the extra length to make sure you are getting exactly what you need for your situation.

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